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Kieninger Clock J0221 Made In Gremany (Need Servicing)
Product Code : SIAE1901154(R2A)

ONLY $3000.00

This product is available at:


PraiseHaven Mega Family Store

500,Upper Bukit Timah Road



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W25.5 x D18.5 x H34
Highly polished walnut burl case mantel clock.Features include:
-Calibre J0221 movement with a Swiss jewelled platform escapment.
-Triple chime mechanism- Westminster, Whittington and St Michael- on an 8 rod gong.
-Automatic night time chime shut off.
-Solid brass and burl walnut finish case with 4 black columns featuring solid brass details.
 Front and rear opening doors and glass panels on all sides to allow full viewing of the mechanism.
-Key drawer.
-Multi function white dial with second indication,day of the month, day of the week,
 month calendar, moon phase feature and easy adjustment of all functions.
-Milled Breguet-style hands.

Weight : 9.70
Size         : W26 x D19 x H33