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Nikon HP F3 Vintage Film Camera
Product Code : SIAE1801207

ONLY $300.00

This product is available at:


PraiseHaven Mega Family Store

500,Upper Bukit Timah Road



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A chip at front left, top area near "F3" & back left,top area near film winding.
Minor scuffs can be detected due to usage.
Definitely a Good Piece to collect.

Nikon F3 - TechnicalSpecifications

Type of camera: 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR)
Picture format:
24mm x 36mm standard 35mm film format.
Lens mount: Nikon F bayonet type
Usable Lenses:
Virtually all Nikkor lenses with Nikon F bayonet : AI-type, NonAI-type (Stop-down exposure metering) and AF Nikkor lenses (Operative in manual focussetting)

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Shutter: Electromagnetic shutter-release; electronically controlled, horizontal-traveltitanium focal-plane shutter; automatic shutter speed selection within a range of8 sec. to 1/2000 sec.; manual shutter speed selection for the 8 - 1/2000 sec. rangeplus "B" (electronically), "T" (mechanical) and X synchro (1/80sec.); when power source is exhausted, exposures can be made at 1/60 sec. Via mechanical-releaseknob (11.5ms)

Shutter release button:Will switch meter on when lightly depressed halfway (after shutter release lock isreleased), meter remains on for 16 sec before turning off; standard cable releasethreaded in the centre.
Meter ON/OFF switch:
Meter switched on when shutter release button is depressedslightly; stays switched on for 16 sec. after finger is lifted off button: Displayalso stays indicated for 16 sec. after switching off.
Automatic exposure control:
Aperture-priority automatic exposure control; steplessshutter speeds from 8 sec to 1/2000 sec
Manual exposure control:
Quartz digital control for 16 shutter speeds from 8secto 1/2000 sec, including X (1/80 sec); B and T are also provided.
Backup mechanical release lever:
Shutter release at approx. 1/60 sec, regardlessof shutter speed dial setting (except T); used when batteries become weak or exhausted,or none are installed in the camera (Power supported by MD-4 when mounted).
Exposure metering:
Modified TTL centre-weighted exposure measurement at (80/20)full-aperture metering; aperture stop-down metering for older non-AI or certain closeup accessories; silicon photodiode (SPD) and metering circuits incorporated intocamera body; meter works with all interchangeable viewfinders.
Metering range:
EV 1 to 18 (i.e. f/1.4 at 1 sec to f/11 at 1/2000 sec with 50mm f/1.4 lens and ISO 100 film).
Film speed setting:
ISO 12 to 6400 (can work in combination with exposure compensation).
Exposure memory lock:
Via AE Lock button next to lens mount.
Exposure compensation: Via exposure Compensation dial; +2 to -2 EV in 1/3increments.
Film advance lever:
Single stroke or a series of short strokes; 30 standoffangle and 140 winding angle; automatic film advance and rewinding is possiblewhen motor drive MD-4 is used.
Quartz-controlled approx. 10 sec delayed exposure; LED blinks at2 Hz for first 8 sec, then at 8 Hz for last 2 sec; setting cancellable
Nikon F3; Eye level finder DE-2 as standard; Nikon F3 High-Eyepoint;eye level High-Eyepoint finder DE-3 as standard; both equipped with eyepiece shutter;each interchangeable with 4 other standard types, while possible to other specialfinder such as DX-1 as Electronic Rangefinder, DE-4 originally designed for F3P.
Viewfinder display:
Liquid crystal display (LCD) shows shutter speed; on Auto,+2000 indicates overexposure, - 8 underexposure; on Manual, M appears with + indicatingoverexposure, - underexposure, and -+ correct exposure; LED ready-light glows whendedicated Nikon Speedlight SB12, SB-16A and SB-17, SB-11 and SB-14 with TTL Sensorcord SC-12, is completely recycled; aperture in use also show through aperture direct-readout(ADR) window.
Liquid crystal display:

1) Shutter speed ... four-digit read-out
2) Under/overexposure (manual) "+" and "-" display
3) Beyond auto exposure control "+2000", or "-8-" display
4) Manual shutter speed setting "M" display
Red LED display:
At flash shooting, ready-light lights up when flash unit ischarged and flickers when the setting is beyond camera's synch range or mountingfoot is insufficiently installed or ASA dial is set at a film speed higher than 400.
Aperture-direct-readout (ADR) provision:
Enables indication of lens apertureset when lens in use offers AI facility.
Built-in illuminator:
Illuminates LCD and ADR.
Focusing screens:
Split-image microprism Type K provided as standard; interchangeablewith 22 other types of screens. Exclusively-designed (F2's screen not usable)
Finder coverage:
Virtually 100%.
Finder magnification:
0.8 X for Nikon F3; Nikon F3HP: 0.75x (both with 50 mmlens set at infinity).
Viewfinder Illuminator:
Via button; illuminates LCD readout
Multiple exposure control:
Via multiple exposure lever next to winding crank(unlimited cycles)
Reflex mirror:
Automatic instant-return type with mirror Lock-up facility; enhancedwith air damper and brake mechanism for reduced vibration and noise.
Depth-of-field preview:
Via button at same position of mirror Lock up lever.
Frame counter:
Additive type; frame numbers from 0 to 40; Shows number of framesexposed; automatically resets to "S" when camera back is opened; automaticoperation starts from frame 1.
Film Rewind:
By Manual crank-type provided after film rewind button is pressed.Automatic film rewind when MD-4 is attached.
Accessory shoe:
Located at base of rewind knob; accepts Speedlight SB12, SB11,SB-16A, SB-17 or TTL sensor cord SC-12 from SB-11 or SB-14 for TTL direct flash control;Sync speed is automatically set to 1/80 sec with dial at A or 1/125 sec an aboveand flash ready light available in the viewfinder (Only with dedicated flash units). PC socket is also provided. three types of flash couplers available formounting ISO-type or F2-type flash units. fitted with hotshoe contact, ready-lightcontact and TTL auto flash signal contact.
Flash synchronization:
Synchronization range; for electronic flash unit, 1/80sec. to 8 sec. plus "B". Auto: 1/80 sec.: Manual: 1/80 sec. preset shutterspeed (slower than X)
Power source:
Choice of one 3V lithium battery CR-1/3N type, two 1.55V silver-oxidebatteries SR-44 type, or two 1.5V alkaline batteries LR-44 type; optional Anti-ColdBattery Holder DB-2 accepts two AA alkaline, Ni-Cd or manganese batteries. Note:Unless otherwise stated, do not use lithium batteries cells - at your own risk. Poweredby Motor Drive MD-4's power source when mounted MD.
Motor drive coupling:
Electrical contacts and mechanical couplers provided foroperation with motor drive MD-4. Screw-on type connection
Signal :
1) Closing curtain signal
2) Electromagnetic shutter-release start signal
3) Film-advance completion signal
4) Power source signal
5) 16 sec.-hold signal
6) Release-metering signal
Camera back:
Swing-open type; removable; memo-holder provided; opened by pushingsafety lock while pulling up rewind knob; interchangeable with camera back MF-6,data back MF-14, MF-18, or 250 Bulk Film exposure magazine back MF-4.
Cable release socket:
Tapered screw
Battery power check:
Can be made by LCD (power is enough while display remainsindicated).
Body finish:
Black only for standard models, champagne finish for earlier F3Titan.
Body dimensions: (W x H x D)
Nikon F3: approx. 148.5 x 96.5 x 65.5 mm; NikonF3HP: approx. 148.5 x 101.5 x 69 mm.
Body weight:
Nikon F3: 705g approx.; Nikon F3HP: 760g approx.

Weight : 1.00