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Kindle PaperWhite 2 E-Reader 4GB DP75 212ppi (6th Gen/Refurbished)
Product Code : SIAE1804368

ONLY $100.00

This product is available at:


PraiseHaven Mega Family Store

500,Upper Bukit Timah Road



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  • Minor scuffs or scratches might be detected,otherwise in good working condition.
  • Tested and Reset to factory defaults.
  • Donated by our Generous Corporate Donors.
  • No cables or adapter included.

  • Summary of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (6th Gen/2013)

  • Kindle Paperwhite is designed for pretty much one purpose reading. 
  • The 212 ppi screen density might not sound much when compared to retina 
  • displays but is superb for an e-ink greyscale display (no colours, sorry), 
  • with crisp, readable fonts, be it bright sunlight or utter darkness. 
  • The front-lighting of the device works it does not hit the eyes like LCD displays, 
  • is more subtle, and can be adjusted. The touch experience is decent enough, 
  • and books can be browsed and purchased from the well-stocked Amazon Kindle store 
  • (where prices are now a lot closer to paper editions). 
  • Reading is simple just tap on a book to open it, and flick your finger on the screen to turn a page. 
  • You can also pinch to zoom in and out to tweak font size. 
  • The device comes with 4 GB storage, of which about 3.25 GB is available to you enough to hold more than 
  • 3 thousand regular paperbacks, and all your purchases will be stored online anyway 
  • (you can remove them from your device and download them whenever you wish plus no extra charge or storage limits). 
  • So Wi-Fi permitting, you have a bookstore in your pocket, from which you can order free samples of books, purchase titles, 
  • and can read them whenever and wherever you wish. You can bookmark pages, share content over social networks, 
  • check out word meanings, even do some very basic Web browsing on the experimental browser and not worry about recharging the device
  • one charge will see you through close to a month. 


Screen type: E Ink
Color: Monochrome (16 grayscale levels)
Screen size: 6 inches
Touchscreen: Yes (Capacitive [finger])
Screen PPI: 212 ppi
Illumination: Built-in front light  


Internal storage: 4 GB                         

Weight : 0.25
Size         : H17 x W12 x T1cm